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Timeshares report strong showing

Breckenridge Grand Vacations has a different story as it operates in the timeshare industry. CEO Mike Dudick reported that occupancy is very strong with occupancy levels on track to be equal to 2019 levels.

“My owners have already bought their time. They’ve already paid for the lodging in one respect so they’re really calling in to make a reservation for what they’ve already paid for. With that said our owners also have the privilege to rent additional time from us and that’s through the roof.

As for people who don’t have fractional ownership at BGV, Dudick said the call volume for non-owners to rent properties is up 50% year over year.

He said he is very optimistic about the future of the vacation and hospitality industry in Breckenridge. Dudick noted that he has observed people being very eager to be on vacation. Breckenridge Grand Vacation is following county and state health requirements but has instilled some company policies that go beyond requirements, such as the use of ultraviolet light technology to disinfect rooms and common areas. Dudick said that guests have been compliant with the safety protocols and that since reopening only one person has complained about restrictions to a point that rose above talking with the front desk attendant out of around a thousand guests that have come to their properties.

“Everybody gets it, they accept some of the realities, they understand the mask protocols, they understand what we’re doing in reservations to use amenities, things like that, people understand…my experience so far is that they’re willing to live with safety protocols that we have in place in order to be on vacation,” Dudick said.


“Timeshares report strong showing”


Reference: https://www.summitdaily.com/news/lodging-business-is-making-an-overall-slow-recovery-in-summit-county/

Lodging business is making an overall slow recovery in Summit County

Recovery in Summit County

DILLON — Lodging is open in Summit County, but while some lodging businesses are bouncing back quickly, others are waiting on further loosening of restrictions to bring back core business.

Lodging opened across Summit County on June 1 after months of empty hotels, condos, and short-term rentals. Now nearing the end of the first month open after the shutdown, occupancy in Summit County is still low compared to typical June numbers, but it is no longer nonexistent.

“April and May were basically unoccupied due to the Summit County Public Health Order — essential workers made up what little occupancy there was in town. As of May 31, Inntopia’s Destimetrics reported that Breckenridge’s June occupancy is down 77% (year over year),”  Breckenridge Tourism Office Public Relations Director Austyn Dineen said in an email.

Breckenridge Lodging Association President Toby Babich said that while things aren’t “back to normal,” people are excited to be open in any capacity.

“People are excited to open. It’s just nice to be able to function again and actually feel like we’re back in business but in terms of the business levels, we’re not seeing any dramatic spikes in demand,” Babich said.

Babich reported DestiMetrics industry numbers for Breckenridge, which show, in addition to June occupancy being down nearly 80%, July is anticipated to be about 50% down with August down about 30%. The overall aggregate summer total is down about 50% in occupancy. Babich said that while “it’s nice to be open,” the lodging industry is still really struggling.

As for operations, Babich said he felt the governor’s order gave good guidance, but that it is open to interpretation in some areas. For example, the order says that lodging facilities should wait 24 hours after guests have left a room before cleaning, but there is no mandate. He said guests have been appreciative of the efforts being made to look out for their safety, but that more often guests aren’t as concerned with the cleaning process and are mainly asking questions about cancellation policies and if certain amenities are open.

Babich, who is also president of Breckenridge Resort Managers, said his company is performing slightly better than the DestiMetrics report as he said the company is so far down 35% year over year as an aggregate summer from June to September.

He said that while the numbers aren’t great, they will allow the company to persevere through the summer to get to winter. Babich noted that the majority of his guests are in-state visitors with over half coming from the front rang or those who can drive to the area, such as visitors from Texas and Kansas.

He said that Summit County has been a desirable place to visit as there are a lot of activities people can do while physical distancing — hiking, lake activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding, biking, etc. and that people have been especially grateful to vacation this summer.


“Recovery in Summit County”

Referenced from: https://www.summitdaily.com/news/lodging-business-is-making-an-overall-slow-recovery-in-summit-county/

The Dillon Nature Preserve | What to do around Dillon, CO?

The Dillon Nature Preserve | Uptown240 | What to do in Dillon, CO?

The Dillon Nature Preserve is open summer and winter for pedestrians, snowshoes and cross-country skiing. It features a large relatively-flat gravel road and two hiking trails: Meadow Trail and Ridge Trail Loop. Small footpaths descend to the Lake for fisherman and lakeshore exploration. Find beautiful mountain vistas, lake views, and wildflowers. Dogs are allowed, but bicycles are not. A very family-friendly hiking experience. The gravel road is plowed in winter.

Directions To the Nature Preserve Entrance:

From the parking area, head west to meet up with the paved recreational path. Follow the path West to the Nature Preserve Signboard and Map. A gate and bicycle rack are located at the entrance.

Nature Preserve facilities include:

  • Access to the lakeshore
  • Incredible mountain and lake views
  • Photo opportunity sites
  • Trails with benches, overlooks and interpretive signs?
  • Easy gravel road popular with families and runners
  • Footpaths to the lakeshore
  • Fishing
  • Wildflowers
  • Woods
  • Bluebird Boxes
  • Bike Rack at entrance
  • Mutt Mitt boxes
  • Trails open winter and summer
  • Plowed gravel road

Meadow Trail And Ridge Trail Loop

Both trails are peaceful forested escapes and are ideal for hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Both trails offer overlooks and benches perfect for a rest and a chance to absorb the views.

Along the trails you will encounter educational signs about the history of the area, the trees, the wildlife and the native plants found throughout the Nature Preserve. The interpretive signs were designed and written by Dillon Valley Elementary School 5th Graders.

Meadow Trail

From the Nature Preserve Gate, take the dirt road for .5 miles with Lake Dillon and the Gore Range visible to the right; you will be directly across the Lake from the Dillon Marina. At this point, turn left onto a trail that winds up a hill through a meadow. Ascend to the overlook and return the same way.

Ridge Trail Loop

Begin following the Meadow Trail. At the top of the hill you can take a right onto the Ridge Trail Loop. Continue straight west as the trail rises and falls.

At the first trail fork, ascend a short distance to the overlook on your left. Peaks 1 and 2 can be seen to the south over the Snake River Arm of Lake Dillon. Mount Guyot is to the southeast.

Return from the overlook to the Ridge Loop Trail. Continue west and look for two more overlooks on the left side of the trail. Hike out of the wooded area and meet the gravel road that leads back to the Summit County Recreation Path and your car.

The trails at the Dillon Nature Preserve are considered easy hiking trails, however they do ascend and descend and have root and rock obstacles. For smooth walking, enjoy the gravel road.




“The Dillon Nature Preserve | Uptown240 | What to do in Dillon, CO?”


Fish Lake Dillon CO | Uptown240 | Dillon, CO

Fish Lake Dillon CO | Uptown240 | Dillon, CO

Dillon Reservoir is a prime location for summer or winter fishing. The lake is home to Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Kokanee Salmon, and Arctic Char. With 26 miles of shoreline, finding a nice secluded spot to cast is not a problem. Click here for current fishing conditions.

A brief history of fishing conditions on Dillon Reservoir
The Mysis shrimp was introduced into Dillon Reservoir in 1970 as a food source to fatten trout and salmon. But the small nocturnal crustaceans missed the trout’s daytime feeding patterns and began eating all of the zooplankton — leaving salmon and trout hungry and small.

The Arctic char was introduced to the reservoir in 1990 to see if they would feed on the shrimp — the main part of their diet. Colorado Parks and Wildlife manages the fishery; Arctic char was stocked in Dillon in 1990, 1992, 1996, 1998, and 2008 to 2011. The reservoir is the only public fishery in the lower 48 states outside of Maine where anglers have a chance of landing the prized fish.

The fishing ecosystem at Dillon Reservoir has been steadily improving since the early 90’s thanks in part to the introduction of Arctic Char by the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Typically found only in Arctic waters, this cold-water fish — a species of trout — has helped turn the reservoir into an angler’s paradise.

Taken from: https://www.townofdillon.com/marina/fishing-report

“Fish Lake Dillon CO | Uptown240 | Dillon, CO”

Summer is here! | Uptown240 | Lake Dillon | Dillon, CO

Summer is here! | Uptown240 | Lake Dillon | Dillon, CO

It’s a beautiful June day here at Uptown240 and the Dillon Farmer’s Market has its first day today!!

“Summer is here! | Uptown240 | Lake Dillon | Dillon, CO”

Frisco Pedestrian Promenade Shop | Local Program Launch June 12

Frisco Pedestrian Promenade & Shop | Local Program Launch June 12

On Friday, June 12, the Town of Frisco will launch a shop local program called “Love Frisco, Shop Frisco” and the Frisco Pedestrian Promenade, which answers the call of businesses who are in need of more square footage to bring their occupancy to normal levels. The shop local program will encourage over $270,000 of spending in local businesses, and the Promenade will transform three blocks of Frisco Main Street, from 2nd Avenue to 5th Avenue, into a pedestrian and bike-only zone with open-air dining and shopping.

Taken from: https://www.friscogov.com/homepage-news/frisco-pedestrian-promenade-shop-local-program-starts-june-12/

“Frisco Pedestrian Promenade & Shop | Local Program Launch June 12”

SUP and Kayak Lake Dillon | SUP and Kayak Rentals | Lake Dillon, CO | Uptown240

SUP and Kayak Lake Dillon

With 25 miles of shoreline nestled in the Rocky Mountains, the marina offers the high country’s only lakeside dining at almost 2 miles above sea level, world-class sailing, shopping, and boating rentals we provide unforgettable moments for every occasion. We’re more than just a marina; we’re your ticket to fun both on and off the water.

SUP and Kayak Rentals



“SUP and Kayak Lake Dillon”


May 22 Construction Update | The lower level parking garage is completed.

May 22 Construction Update – The lower level parking garage is completed. It is obvious once standing in the expansive space just how large of a project this is. It is also apparent the high level of quality of construction. Everything about the garage is larger than we anticipated from the plans.

In the coming week the third-floor slab will be poured. This is the first residential level to be poured.

Two new units went under contract this week including the developments first three-bedroom unit.

*As an incentive to help you encourage your buyer activity, the developer of Uptown240 is offering a $5,000 credit at closing to anyone who goes under contract on a new Uptown240 unit before June 1, 2020.  
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your team if you have any questions we can answer.

The Uptown240 sales team with a unique opportunity to tour the underground parking. 

From this vantage, it is obvious this is a large, solid structure and should lend confidence to current and prospective buyers. 

The Uptown240 sales team and marketing team.
From left to right: Ashley Gionfreddo, Ned Walley, Campbell Mckeogh, and Tyler Nelson. 

We will continue to update you with our progress and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any specific questions. Our email is Info@Uptown240.com or call 970-616-4900.

View available units: https://uptown240.com/available_floorplans/

View pricelist: https://uptown240.com/price_list/

Building video tour link: https://uptown240.com/uptown240-3d-building-tour/

Thank you.
Team Uptown240


“May 22 Construction Update”

May 16 Construction Update | Uptown240


May 16 Construction Update – It’s been another full week of work for us on the Uptown240 job site. The crew has continues to add shoring in preparation for the coming weeks’ concrete pour. It does take several days for the crew to complete this type of shoring with a job site of this scale.