May 16 Construction Update | Uptown240


May 16 Construction Update – It’s been another full week of work for us on the Uptown240 job site. The crew has continues to add shoring in preparation for the coming weeks’ concrete pour. It does take several days for the crew to complete this type of shoring with a job site of this scale.

Spring Uptown240 Dillon Colorado | Third Floor Construction Begins

Spring Uptown240 Dillon Colorado | It’s a gorgeous day today here in Summit County, Spring has definitely sprung! The Construction with Uptown240 has returned in earnest. This coming week the concrete ceiling to the restaurant will be poured and this will offer a great perspective of the first views from the third floor residential units.

New concrete and buyer incentives!

We share your excitement that our broker community was able to start showing property again this past Monday.  While it’s still early, we’ve seen a nice amount of activity which has us remaining optimistic that this summer will be a good one for our market.

The Uptown240 sales office is open this weekend so please feel free to stop by, or send your buyers over to take a look (if you’re unable to join your buyers, please pass on their names to a member of the sales team and we are happy to protect them as your buyers).

As an incentive to help you encourage your buyer activity, the developer of Uptown240 is offering a $5,000 credit at closing to anyone who goes under contract on a new Uptown240 unit before June 1, 2020.  

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your team if you have any questions we can answer.

Thank you.

Second Floor Gets Concrete | Uptown240

The second Floor Gets Concrete | Uptown240 | First third of the second floor has been poured this week | The team pours concrete in thirds due to the size of each floor needed concrete. This section of the floor is for the restaurant level and the amenities deck. This week the crew will begin to poor the second thrid which will include the 300 level units. The second floor will be completely poured by the end of this week and then onto the third floor which is all condominium units.



“Second Floor Gets Concrete “

Elevator Shaft and Stairs Poured

Elevator Shaft and Stairs Poured – The crew has completed another week at the site and poured the access starts and elevator shaft for the West side of the building. This is also the access from the lower parking levels to all units on the Westside, the amenities deck, owners’ lounge, and the restaurant area.








“Elevator Shaft and Stairs Poured”


Working ’round the clock to get the amenities floor poured

The crew was working ’round the clock to get the amenities floor poured. When you have this amount of concrete on its way you cannot just take a break and come back tomorrow it all has to be poured that day. So a big shout out to the crew for braving bad weather, cold temps and working late on a Friday to get the job done!

All quiet here at Uptown240 as we celebrate the holidays!

Happy Holidays from Uptown240! We are currently on our second pour for the underground parking structure, the concrete is poured in stages. The crew is still working hard during this holiday week and between holiday snowstorms! We are currently 50% sold but still have fantastic deals and views in the remaining units as well as all of our deed-restricted units for Summit County locals.