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Timeshares report strong showing

Breckenridge Grand Vacations has a different story as it operates in the timeshare industry. CEO Mike Dudick reported that occupancy is very strong with occupancy levels on track to be equal to 2019 levels.

“My owners have already bought their time. They’ve already paid for the lodging in one respect so they’re really calling in to make a reservation for what they’ve already paid for. With that said our owners also have the privilege to rent additional time from us and that’s through the roof.

As for people who don’t have fractional ownership at BGV, Dudick said the call volume for non-owners to rent properties is up 50% year over year.

He said he is very optimistic about the future of the vacation and hospitality industry in Breckenridge. Dudick noted that he has observed people being very eager to be on vacation. Breckenridge Grand Vacation is following county and state health requirements but has instilled some company policies that go beyond requirements, such as the use of ultraviolet light technology to disinfect rooms and common areas. Dudick said that guests have been compliant with the safety protocols and that since reopening only one person has complained about restrictions to a point that rose above talking with the front desk attendant out of around a thousand guests that have come to their properties.

“Everybody gets it, they accept some of the realities, they understand the mask protocols, they understand what we’re doing in reservations to use amenities, things like that, people understand…my experience so far is that they’re willing to live with safety protocols that we have in place in order to be on vacation,” Dudick said.


“Timeshares report strong showing”


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